Concrete Traffic Barriers (CTB)

APS has been producing CTB for TxDOT projects and other owners since 1980. We produce ‘Low Profile’, ‘Single slope’ and standard ‘Jersey’ shaped barriers in standard lengths and can produce CTB in custom lengths and designs for unusual needs.

Bridge Deck Panels (PCP)

These prestressed slab units span between the bridge beams becoming the integral bottom, tension zone, of the finished bridge deck. These TxDOT designed panels (PCP) are the safest, fastest and most economical deck forming method in modern bridge construction today.

Sound Walls

A newer transportation related product, sound walls help deflect traffic noise from adjoining residential properties. APS has produced both precast and prestressed designs, some with very intricate surface features.

Retaining Walls

We have produced precast and prestressed wall panels for both mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls and soldier pile (tie-back) wall panels with a variety of surface finishes. Our ability to prestress designs produces panels with higher strengths and more crack resistance, providing the owner with a more durable structure.

Unusual, Specially Engineered, Precast, Prestressed Products

APS is no stranger to unusual or large, specialty projects. We have produced state of the art, full depth cantilever bridge deck panels for TxDOT demonstration projects as well as miles of jumbo (12’x12′) precast box culverts for the US International Boundary Commission. If you have a concrete problem in need of a precast or prestressed solution, talk to us today.